Who we are

Our Company

Kuros Associates is an investment advisory boutique based in London, United Kingdom. Established in 2017, the firm is operating in the investment management sector with its network comprising predominantly of institutional and professional allocators within the single and multi-family office space as well as wealth management at large. The firm’s business pivots on activities such as investment advisory, outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO), managers selection, co-investments, strategic capital allocation and placement, and assets raising. The assets are managed by an executive team led by Tancredi Cordero di Montezemolo, CIO and Chief Executive.

Our Framework

Our global network of investors comprises both professional fund managers as well as institutional asset allocators and family offices. We sit in between some of the best and brightest fund managers, deal sponsors and allocators in our industry. Thanks to our unique relationships and know-how we are able to source investment ideas outside of the traditional banking and asset management distribution channels. We recognise that our long term success depends on the performance of such investment ideas. Therefore we can offer to our clients the highest possible level of alignment with their interests for the long term.

Our Team

Kuros Associates employs highly skilled professionals coming from specialist backgrounds developed in leading corporate and financial organisations. Each of us bears the title ‘associate’ next to our specific role inside Kuros Associates, so to underline our credo and the ethos of the firm: a flat and meritocratic organisation, where merit comes only through the best possible level of service bestowed upon our clients and investors.


What we do

Institutional Investment Arranging (Fund Manager & Institutions)

Kuros Associates develops a unique framework aimed at providing third-party investment capital to fund managers and private companies, as well as delivering top-tier investment ideas to capital allocators. Our independence and the alignment of our interests with our clients are the keys to our success. Because we are directly compensated only by the managers or the investors, we can avoid undisclosed cross-selling practices. Our ultimate goal is to improve capital flow efficiency within the financial industry whilst promoting alignment between investors and their investment managers.

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Investment Advisory & OCIO (Professional HNWI & Family Office)

At Kuros Associates we tailor all our activities to the needs of our clients. Accordingly, we offer Single Family Offices and qualified High Net Worth Individuals the opportunity to create a fully tailor-made investment and wealth management programme suited to their needs and based on our propretary asset allocation models. Our OCIO practice allows our clients to access our expertise on matters of asset allocation, strategic investments, manager selection and wealth management.

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Direct Investments (Professional Investors)

At Kuros Associates we strive to run the proprietary capital of the firm in alignment with the advice and views we share with our clients. Our focus as Principal Investors is in the equity space, with particular attention on Innovation, in both public and private markets. Furthermore we champion sustainability and positive impact as a first derivative of our investment returns.

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Why we do it

To refrain from standardisation

Today big banks and fund houses dominate the asset and wealth management industries. Their enourmous structures and beaurocratic organisations impose them to reach economics of scale through cross-selling and standardisation, resulting in disalignment with their clients interests. We want to change this. Our purpose is to improve the experience of capital allocators by scouting talented independent managers that are driven by achieving excellence in what they do, and at the same time we want to help managers attracting new capital for their investemnt endeavours.

To improve interest alignment

We saw the flaws and imperfections of the big investment management institutions big banks from the inside. Thereby we decided to find a solution, a more hands on approach. Our goal is to improve the capital allocation dynamics of the Investment Management industry through creating a unique network of capital managers and investors. Ultimately, with Kuros Associates we aim to provide a place where talented fund managers and idea-starved investors can align their interests.

To stay independent

We firmly believe that untapped value resides in the smaller, independent fund managers who, over time, will offer superior investment solutions than their outsized sector incumbents. It is on the back of this conviction that we took on our mission to promote these independents to asset allocators and to develop Kuros Associates’s role as a trusted and proactive point of contact between the two.