The goal as a company is to have customer service
that is not just the best but legendary.

Sam Walton


Free from the obstacles typical of the larger organisations, at Kuros Associates we are able to provide services that are more tailored to our clients' needs. Our investment selection and distribution processes provide a holistic approach that allows our clients to avoid inefficiencies and to stay focussed on their main businesses.

At Kuros Associates we believe that standardised products aren’t what our clients are looking for and we decided to build a platform where the best independent and upcoming investment solutions can meet with the most suitable and needful investors.

Growth-Fund & Growth-Capital (Sell-side) - Our mandate may change depending on our clients' needs, however, we always charge investment managers and private companies a base monthly or quarterly fee plus a variable fee linked to our performance in terms of assets raised and new allocations generated.

Growth-Invest (Buy-side) - At Kuros Associates we strongly wanted to reform Wealth and Asset Management by keeping it simple: no hidden fees, actual tailoring and full transparency. That is why we decided to adopt a fully bespoke pricing model tailored to each of our client's needs, mandates and AUMs. We start by sitting down with our clients and deciding what the expect and what they want to avoid with the stewardship of their capital, and only then we propose a suitable management and/or performace fee for our services.


GF is the business line through which we partner-up with third-party fund managers keen to expand their AUMs and to increase their investor base. Our key distinguishing factor in fund distribution is that we focus on institutional and professional investors within the Wealth Management space (predominantly Single and Multi-Family Offices). Within GF, Kuros Associates' expertise ranges through:


GC is our prime club deals platform open to a selected number of investors and originators. We select and onboard the best Private Equity, Venture Capital and Real Assets investment opportunities originated by our networks of investors and sponsors. Within GC, Kuros Associates' expertise ranges through:


GI our unique buy-side practice, which runs as a stand-alone business line, compleatly separate from GF and GC so to promote transparency and to avoid double-charging and conflicts of interest. Kuros Associates focusses on supporting both institutional and qualified HNWI with its advisory services such as investment and wealth management, fund selection, private deals due diligence, portfolio diversification and asset allocation consultancy. Within GI, Kuros Associates' expertise ranges through: