Not everything that can be counted counts,
and not everything that counts can be counted.

Albert Einstein


Understanding your needs

Allocators and investors are in the Asset Management marketplace to find performance generators. Whether these are beta or alpha-oriented, historical data and empirical evidence show that independent, up-and-coming managers will outperform their sector incumbents most of the time. Unfortunately, the buy-side is dramatically skewed toward the bigger and better-established players: fund houses and deal sponsors who may be committed to aligning their interests with their investors, but in reality are forced by bulky structures to promote sub-efficient solutions for their clients. This is not for us, at Kuros Associates we aim explore the niches in the market in order to uncover quality businesses and class acts. Namely, independent managers capable of delivering a superior service, both in terms of pricing and above average returns, coupled with excellent customer experience. Internally, we call this ‘niche alpha’.

Investment solutions

Kuros Associates has expertise in a wide range of investment solutions and asset classes suitable for professional and institutional investors seeking asset allocation and portfolio diversification. Within the funds universe, we decided to focus on both traditional and alternative capital managers with AUMs in the range of US$ 100 to 500 Million. Also, within the alternative investments space, we have established a network of sophisticated single-deal sponsors, and originators, utilising a club deal framework. Here we focus predominantly on Private Equity, late-stage Venture Capital and Real Estate, with deal sizes in the range of US$5 to 50 million.

How we differentiate

Our backgrounds in and focus on the private investment office space allows us to develop and foster relationships that are unparalleled in our industry. Our investor nature means we work with clients as trusted advisors rather than just third-party agents, which is to the benefit of all the parties we do business with.

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Fund selection process

In-depth manager due diligence and analysis.

1. Initial sourcing and pre-screening:

Having a unique network of independent CIOs and professional allocators ensures that we have high-quality names in the pipeline.

2. Additional screening:

We shortlist managers based on track record, fund structure, legal documents, corporate governance and suitability for our investors.

3. Conference call with the manager:

We use our proprietary DDQ template and psychological questionnaires.

4. On-site visit, meeting in person with the manager:

We travel globally to their offices in order to do in-depth onsite operational due diligence and personal acquaintance.

5. Final due diligence review with our investors:

We present our results to our investors and working out the best entry point in time.

6. Investment and monitoring:

We spread the allocation over several months instead of all-in from day one. At Kuros, we pride ourselves on being the stewards of your capital and in order to do this, we invest in a prudent manner. After the allocation has been made, we conduct periodic follow ups and monitor the manager.