You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you will join us.

John Lennon

About Us

Our Company - Kuros Associates has been founded in 2017 with a mission to improve the inefficiencies and faults we see across the financial and asset management industry. To do this, we built our business as an open platform through which we can offer innovative and carefully selected investment opportunities to institutional and professional investors. Our aim is to solve the main issues that arise when dealing with old fashioned big banks and asset management firms.

Our Team - Kuros Associates’ platform comprises highly skilled professionals from inside and outside the financial services industry. We call ourselves associates to underline how strong and devoted to our clients our partnership is and to reinforce our belief that the only real bosses we have are our clients.

Our Platform - Our global network of investors comprises institutional and professional asset allocators from around the globe, as well as Single and Multi-Family Offices. We only work with the best and brightest fund managers and private companies as we recognise that our long-term success depends on the performance of their investment ideas.

Capital Placement and Financing (Institutional Clients) - Kuros Associates is a fee-based capital introduction and asset management advisory firm. We specialise in attracting capital to fund managers and private companies, as well as delivering top-tier investment ideas to capital allocators. Our independence and the alignment of our interests with our clients are the keys to our success. Because we are directly compensated only by managers or investors, we completely avoid undisclosed cross-selling practices. Our ultimate goal is to improve capital flow efficiency within the financial industry, whilst promoting alignment between investors and their investment managers.

Asset Management Consultancy (Institutional Clients) - Our expertise encompasses areas such as fund and company structuring, capital placement, project management and investments analysis. Our cross-asset and cross-capability approach makes us the perfect one-stop-shop for independent funds and companies aiming to grow their business. We believe that ensuring the highest chance of success requires a constant open dialogue with our investors and managers, while independently executing in-depth research and due diligence to select ‘best-in-class’ across sectors and countries.

Investment Advisory (Private Clients) - At Kuros Associates we tailor all our activities to the needs of our clients. Accordingly, we offer professional and qualified investors the opportunity to create an investment and wealth management programme suited to their persona, psychology and lifestyle. Additionally, we have devised four proprietary due diligence pillars: Structural, Operational, Human and Financial, which help us to deliver the highest quality solutions to our clients. The one underlying question that we ask ourselves throughout this complex process is: “would we invest our own money into this opportunity? Only if the answer is a firm ‘yes’, do we then move on to advise our clients.

To change the status-quo - Today big banks and fund houses dominate the asset and wealth management industries. They provide standardised investment solutions without trying to understand the different needs of their final investors. We want to change this. Our purpose is to improve the customer experience of capital allocators by scouting talented managers that are driven by achieving excellence in what they do.

To think differently - We saw the flaws and imperfections of the big corporations and big banks from the inside and we decided to find a solution, a more human approach. Our goal is to improve the capital allocation dynamics of the Investment Management industry through creating a unique network of capital managers and investors. Ultimately, we aim to provide a platform where talented fund managers and idea-starved investors can align their interests.

To remain independent - We firmly believe that value resides in the smaller, independent fund managers who, over time, will offer superior investment solutions than their outsized sector incumbents. It is on the back of this conviction that we took on our mission to promote these independents to asset allocators and to develop Kuros Associates’s role as a trusted and proactive point of contact between the two.