Making money is art, and working is art -
and good business is the best art.

Andy Warhol


Understanding your needs

We know how difficult it is to simultaneously run a company, an investment strategy, and their marketing activity. Different sets of priorities come in the way and managing the whole process becomes an additional challenge. This is why we decided to focus on helping investment managers to improve their business development efforts. With experience spanning from fund seedings to capital increases, and expertise ranging from daily-liquidity UCITS funds to alternative investments, Kuros Associates is a one-stop-shop for asset managers and companies willing to grow. Our mission is to help managers and companies to venture outside their current networks and to align and foster their relationships with their investors.

Fund placement track record:

  • Relative Value Commodities Hedge Fund
  • Deep Value Italian Small and Micro-Cap UCITS Fund
  • Private Lending and Credit AIF Fund
  • Global Equity Consumers Thematic UCITS Fund
  • Global Macro Multi-Asset AIF Fund

Co-investments track record:

  • Series-D American drug-delievery company
  • Pre-IPO American Agrotech company

Our network

Staying true to our business philosophy, which motivates us to make a positive impact in the financial industry, at Kuros Associates we decided once again to take "the road less travelled by" and to focus our coverage on professional investors within the Family Offices and Private Wealth Management space, which today represents roughly 80% of the World's wealth. More in details, we are specialised in covering internationally investors such as Fiduciaries, Trusts and, above all, Single and Multi-Family Offices.

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