Kuros Associates
Ilaria Zanobbi

Ilaria Zanobbi

Director of Investor Relations


Ilaria joined Kuros Associates in 2019. Prior to this, she worked in the investment team for Kennedy Wilson, a global real estate investment company located in the Western U.S, U.K, and Ireland. Ilaria holds a BSc in Business Economics & Accounting from University of London. At Kuros, Ilaria is responsible for our investor relations, client facing processes, and marketing activities.


Ilaria’s greatest passions lie in medicine, travelling, and music. Ilaria has been a keen traveller her whole life and has lived in several countries outside of the UK where she learnt about different cultures and languages. Testament to this is Ilaria’s fluency in Spanish, Italian and English. Above all, Ilaria has a strong interest in medicine which led her to pursue an additional career in the field before moving into the financial industry.