Kuros Associates


Associates, Business Development & Operations


Minkailo joined Kuros Associates in 2021. Prior to this he worked in wealth management as a digital marketing specialist, responsible for growing the brand’s awareness and client base by leveraging the latest digital marketing techniques. Minkailo holds a BSc in Business Administration and a MSc in International business.
At Kuros Minkailo focuses on using digital trends and techniques to make operations at Kuros more efficient.


Minkailo’s interests lie in sports, travelling and reading. He is a keen athlete playing across multiple sports, mainly football and sprinting. He is also a huge fan of basketball and boxing. Minkailo other interests lie in travelling and exploring new cultures which stems from living in the Middle East and a summer spent living in Switzerland in 2016. Minkailo is also intrigued by Artificial Intelligence and likes to immerse himself in books that aim to detail how this type of technology will change society.