Kuros Associates
Tancredi Cordero

Tancredi Cordero

Founder & Chief Executive


Tancredi is the Founder, CEO, and CIO of Kuros Associates. He is a Bocconi University graduate, where he specialised in studies of behavioural finance and completed a thesis in equity portfolio management. Tancredi became a young published author at the age of 21 and is today a regular contributor to media outlets such as the Financial Times, Bloomberg, The Times, and others. He also writes his own blog at tancredicordero.com, where he looks at financial markets from his own perspective deeply influenced by a mix of Eastern philosophies and anthropology. Tancredi began his career in the financial industry in the equity portfolio management team at BNP Paribas Investment Partners. He then moved to Fidelity and Mirabaud Asset Management covering various roles for both organisations. Tancredi founded Kuros Associates in 2017 after spotting an opportunity to improve the level of service offered by the investment management industry as a whole.


As both a published author and musician, Tancredi is passionate about the arts and literature, and enjoys playing music. Tancredi published his book ‘Ri_partenza’ at a young age and now writes a regular blog entitled ‘The Kuros Blog. Besides the arts, Tancredi is a sports enthusiast and a golf championship winner, holding a handicap of 5.

Professional expertise

Traditional Investments; Alternative Investments; Portfolio Management; Wealth Management; Asset Allocation; Trading; Strategy; Operations and Fund Structuring; Investor Relations.