Direct Investments

Direct Investments

Principal approach

Kuros Associates Principal Investments business is an on-balance sheet investment management practice enhanced by external capital aligned with ours. As a public or private markets equity investor, we focus on investing for the long-term but with constant attention to short-term risks.

Direct Public Investments

We invest in public companies guided by extraordinary senior management and operating in some of the most innovative business segments across the world through our KA – Human Innovation Fund SP. Our fund is participated by like-minded external co-investors and LPs, bringing additional capital and experience to the table into what we see as a mission-driven long-term investment endeavour. We exclude categorically detrimental and polluting businesses from our investment universe, and we champion ESG principles and positive impact as a core focus of our Principal Investment activity.

Venture Deals

Through our network of top tier venture capital GPs, Kuros Associates can invest and syndicate to external qualified investors exclusive venture deals. We focus on late-stage companies, with proof of concept and proof of revenues headquartered in the US, UK, Israel and China.